Surface evaluation for good wettability and coating adhesion

23rd of March 2023 at 10 am CET

23rd of March 2023 at 5 pm CET

Good wettability is a prerequisite for good coating adhesion. Different types of surface treatments, such as plasma, laser texturing, or flame treatment are used to improve the wettability of the surface and subsequently the coating adhesion.

As wettability is the most important factor indicating good adhesion, contact angle measurements are commonly used to ensure process quality. Wettability measurements can be utilized for optimizing your coating formulation as well as surface properties. Water contact angle provides one of the fastest methods for wettability evaluation but sometimes more advanced analysis is required. 

In this webinar, you will learn

  • Why is contact angle measurement so powerful tool for adhesion prediction
  • How to utilize contact angle measurement for process optimization and surface treatment evaluation 
  • The most important aspects to consider from the instrument point of view

Who should attend?

  • People working in the coating, printing, or other adhesion-related processes
  • People working with plasma treatment, laser texturing, or other surface treatment methods
  • People facing adhesion failures

Note that the same webinar is held twice but there will be a live Q&A session at the end of each session. You can register through the form for both of the events and join the one suitable for you.

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Presenter: Susanna Lauren, PhD, Global Commercial Portfolio Manager
Susanna has been working at Biolin Scientific in various roles for over a decade. In her Ph.D. thesis, she developed fabrication methods for a new type of inorganic-organic polymers. Microfabricated polymer chips were utilized as tools for biomolecule separation in analytical chemistry.

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