Evaluate detergent efficiency and mechanism in real-time
using QSense Technology



Today there are no standardized ways of evaluating new formulations in regards to their cleaning efficiency. The QSense QCM-D technology is a novel real-time in-situ method for detergent formulation screening during the R&D phase of new detergents. The analysis gives detailed molecular information of the detergent efficiency. With QSense you will measure detergent effectiveness, optimize and speed up your development process, formulate high efficiency detergents.

In this webinar you will learn more about:

  • Quantifiable and real-time cleaning analysis
  • Ranking of detergent formulations
  • Make better detergents
  • Speed up formulation development

Duration: 10 min


Speaker: Fredrik Andersson, PhD,  is a former Senior Application 
Scientist at Biolin Scientific

Watch the webinar

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