Enhanced oil recovery - measuring minimum miscibility pressure 

[Recorded webinar]

There is a widespread need to utilise current oil reservoirs more efficiently. Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods are being used to extract more oil from reservoirs that are often left with substantial amounts of oil trapped in the porous rock after primary and secondary recovery. CO2-based miscible flooding is attracting significant attention as a potential EOR method.

In this webinar you will learn more about:

  • How to determine, under reservoir conditions, the pressure at which CO2 is miscible with oil.
  • Vanishing interfacial tension (VIT) - i.e. achieving full miscibility when the interfacial tension between two fluid phases vanishes 
  • Combining the Attension Theta tensiometer with a high pressure chamber module to easily and quickly estimate the minimal miscibility pressure (MMP) using the VIT technique.

Aired: 12 December 2016
Duration: 35 minutes

Presenter - Prof. Sandro da Rocha

Sandro da Rocha is an associate professor in Pharmaceutics and Chemical & Life Science Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is also serving as Director for Pharmaceutical Engineering – Pharmacy.

He has done extensive work in the area of colloids and interfaces at high pressures. This includes pioneering work related to the understanding of surfactants at water-high pressure CO2 interfaces. Tension and contact angle measurements and the study of emulsions and microemulsions under pressure form an integral part of this work – both experimental and computational.               



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