White paper

New cutting edge QCM-D technology

- enables step-by-step investment and increases accessibility to valuable information

For decades, QCM-D has provided key data to the scientific and research community and has been a fundamental tool to develop products and processes. Investment in an advanced piece of scientific equipment such as a QCM-D instrument can be a success factor for science and innovation, but it can also be associated with challenges. QSense Omni, the 4th generation QSense QCM-D platform was designed to address some of these.

In this white paper you can learn about how the multi-faceted scenario was addressed from three different angles:Omni WP tech

  1. Ease-of-use product design - to eliminate the need for a superuser
  2. Hardware modularity - to enable step-by-step investment and allow the user to grow with his/her research
  3. Lowered limit of detection and superior data quality - to secure a competitive edge and facilitate data interpretation

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