QCM-D and ellipsometry to monitor growth and porosity of organic adsorbate layers: Application examples



This recorded webinar will illustrate the benefit of using two complementary technologies simultaneously to characterize thin film build-up and behavior. In particular, it will highlight the strength of this combination for characterization of thin film porosity and level of hydration. Relevant examples, such as smart surfaces based on environmentally responsive polymers, will be presented. Sign up for this recorded webinar to get:

  • Insight into the two technologies QCM-D and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry  – differences, similarities and synergies
  • Insight into the power of the combo setup for time resolved characterization of hydrated systems, such as the varying levels of hydration and structural changes.   

Aired: September 7th, 2017 
:  45 min


Speaker: Brian Rodenhausen, Ph.D.
Field Application Scientist at Biolin Scientific

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