Save the date for QSense User Day 2024!

We are thrilled to announce QSense User Day 2024! Join us for a day filled with inspirational and educational sessions on QSense QCM-D. This event offers you the chance to hear from engaging speakers and expand your knowledge about the technology in various fields.

Become part of the QSense community and share your research!

At Biolin Scientific, the exchange of knowledge is vital. We invite you to share your work and learn from fellow scientists. Please submit your abstract for an oral presentation by August 31. 
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The User Day is organized into two sessions. The first session will be dedicated to scientific topics, with key speakers from various research areas sharing their results and insights. In the second session, the focus will shift to technology and practical usage. This session will include best practices, tips and tricks for using QSense QCM-D, and a panel session with QSense application team where you get the opportunity to talk to an expert and ask questions.  Sign up to receive more information about the event in the future!

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