Premium contact angle meter suitable for demanding surface research and quality control. Enjoy a user-friendly instrument with a high level of automation and accuracy for user-independent results.


Attension Theta Flow is equipped with features such as camera autofocus, automatic surface mapping, and automatically generated results with OneAttension software. This has simplified measurements and increased accuracy, while the 5 MP camera resolution, DropletPlus technology, and sensors provide highly accurate results and user-independent measurements. Additionally, the touch display improves the user experience by making measurement preparation easy to handle.




Join the online demo to:

  • Get a quick tour of the instrument
  • See how different measurements such as surface tension, contact angle, critical micelle concentration, and powder wettability.
  • Get an overview of the OneAttension software 



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The demo is pre-recorded to give you the best possible experience. The session is hosted by our expert so you can ask your questions in the Q&A!