Development of a new method for the formation of SLBs on solid support using QSense QCM-D

Interview with Prof. Nam-Joon Cho, Nanyang Technological University, on the SALB-project

Prof. Cho and his team have developed a new method to form lipid bilayers on solid supports. Instead of lipid vesicles fusing on a selected set of materials such as silica and mica, the new approach, called the Solvent - Assisted Lipid Bilayer (SALB) method, enables bilayer deposition on to a broad range of surface materials. We interviewed Prof. Cho to learn more about the motivation behind, and execution of, this project.

In this interview, you will hear Prof. Cho, talk about:

  • The importance of supported
    membrane platforms Model membrane platform
  • The motivation behind the development of a new method to form supported lipid bilayers (SLBs).
  • Why QSense QCM-D was important in this project

 Interview duration 9 minutes.

You will also get a list of references published by the Cho group in 2016-2018

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