Characterization and analysis of hydrophobicity, interfacial tension and contact angle of acetyl TAG used for various food applications

The webinar will be on measuring different surface measurements like Interfacial tension, contact angle, and pulsating drop measurements in food applications. The presenter will be talking about using novel compounds like Acetyl TAG solution in different food applications,  the interpretation of its results which contributes to food science, and possible future studies.

Presenter: Eda Kaya, PhD, Kansas State University

Eda Kaya is a Ph.D. student and a research assistant in Food Science Institute of Animal Science and Industry Department of Kansas State University. She is working on a project sorghum grain, protein characterization and development of packaging film from sorghum Distiller's dried grains with solubles" funded by Seed Grant Program of Global Food Systems and supported by United States Department of Agriculture. She has academic and professional work experience since 2017. This talk was a part of the Attension Seminar 2021.



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