Characterizing water repellency with dynamic contact angles

Water repellency is a key factor in numerous applications including functional coatings, self-cleaning surfaces and protective coatings. A simple and efficient contact angle method is often used for characterizing the water repellency. However, in order to truly understand the repellency, dynamic contact angles need to be measured. In this webinar, we will go through the background and significance of dynamic contact angles: where do they originate from, why are they important and how they can be measured. We will give examples of situations where a normal static contact angle measurement is not adequate for characterizing the water repellency of a surface. In the end of the webinar, you will have an opportunity to ask questions live from the presenter.

Presenters and hosts:

Susanna Lauren

Susanna Lauren, PhD, Senior Application Specialist
Susanna is an Application Scientist at Biolin Scientific. In her PhD thesis, she developed fabrication methods for a new type of inorganic-organic polymers. Microfabricated polymer chips were utilized as tool for biomolecule separation in analytical chemistry.

Jyrki Korpela

Jyrki Korpela, MSc, Global Product Manager
Jyrki Korpela is the Global Product Manager for Attension and KSV NIMA. He has a background in biomaterials from Aalto University and is constantly looking for ways to make the life of customers easier and their results better.



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