Determining cleansing efficacy of Elfan AT 84 using a QCM-D assay

by Fredrik Andersson, Ph. D, Scientist at Global R&D, Nouryon

Launching a new biodegradable sulfate-free anionic surfactant with good dermatological profile, Elfan® AT 84, Nouryon (former AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) wanted to prove superior performance, both vs an old type sulfated surfactant and vs competitive benchmarks. As the current test methods were not sensitive enough, they decided to use QSense® cleaning profile to determine the cleansing efficacy.

In this webinar you will hear Fredrik Andersson, Ph. D, Scientist, Global R&D, Nouryon, talk about: Dr Fredrik Andersson

  • Elfan® AT 84
  • How QSense technology and the QSense Cleaning profile were used for cleaning efficiency assessments
  • How Nouryon used the QSense results to differentiate Elfan AT 84

 Webinar duration 9 minutes.