EQCM-D Analysis in Battery Development

Battery systems are complex, and several different technologies are often needed to elucidate the intricate electrochemical phenomena involved. In this webinar, we take a closer look at EQCM - a highly sensitive and non-invasive analysis method that has helped answer battery-related research questions for decades.

EQCM provides time-resolved electrochemical and gravimetric information about bulk and at the surface of battery electrodes. The extended version, EQCM-D, will in addition provide mechanical information which reveals structural changes of the electrode interface. The technologies can be used for in-situ characterization of key mechanisms involved in battery cycling and provide unique information that will help you take battery performance to the next level.

After this webinar you will know
• What information that EQCM-D can offer
• How EQCM-D analysis can support battery development

Watch the webinar