Powder wettability - how to measure contact angle of powders

Powder wettability plays a significant role in many applications such as coatings, pharmaceuticals, and dispersions. Wettability is typically evaluated through contact angle measurements. Powders, however, add some challenge to these measurements as surface roughness, swelling and liquid penetration into the pores make it difficult to measure the contact angle of powders directly.

In this webinar, some of the most commonly used methods to measure contact angle of powders are reviewed. Pros and cons of each method are discussed. Suitability of the methods for different applications are considered through case study examples.

Susanna Lauren

Presenter: Susanna Lauren, PhD, Senior Application Specialist
Susanna is an Application Scientist at Biolin Scientific. In her PhD thesis, she developed fabrication methods for a new type of inorganic-organic polymers. Microfabricated polymer chips were utilized as tool for biomolecule separation in analytical chemistry.

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