Surface evaluation for good wettability and coating adhesion

Good wettability is a prerequisite for good coating adhesion. Different types of surface treatments, such as plasma, laser texturing, or flame treatment are used to improve the wettability of the surface and subsequently the coating adhesion.

Despite good process planning, adhesion problems sometimes occur. To catch the possible problems early on quality control processes for the treated surface should be implemented. As wettability is the most important factor indicating good adhesion, contact angle measurements are commonly used to ensure process quality.d.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why contact angle measurement is so powerful tool for quality control
  • The most important aspects to consider from the instrument point of view
  • How contact angle can be used for quality control purposes

Important to whom: 

  • People working in coating, printing, or other adhesion-related processes
  • People working with plasma treatment, laser texturing, or other surface treatment methods
  • People facing adhesion failures

Susanna Lauren

 Presenter: Susanna Lauren, PhD, Senior Application Specialist

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