White paper

QCM-D vs other QCMs

- What are the differences, and does it matter which one is used?

There is a vast range of QCM versions in the market, such as QCM, QCM-I, QCM-R and QCM-D, and they all seem to provide similar information. What do these abbreviations mean? Is there any difference between the various QCM versions, and does it matter which one you use? Here, we sort out the details, explain the differences, and compare the various options.

In this White paper you will find: QCMD vs other QCMs-1

  • A description of the technological measurement principles that QCMs are based on.
  • An overview of what different QCM abbreviations signify, and how they are distinct from one another.
  • A side-by-side comparison of strengths, weaknesses, and application suitability.

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